NFL 2014 Schedule

NFL 2014 Schedule

Life Saving Act: NFL Donates $30 Million For Brain Injury Research

The NFL has donated $ 30 million to the National Institutes of Health for their research on brain injuries and other issues related to health. Yes we have the NFL 2014 Schedule tickets. NIH is a part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. NFL 2014 TICKETS In the league’s history, this is the largest donation that was ever made. Fortunately, this act of generosity concerns not only the football players but the general population’s health. NFL 2014 Schedule.
This donation is prior to last week’s announcement of a partnership with the United States Army in search for greater understanding of the injuries in the brain that affect players, as well as soldiers.In almost the same time, a counter motion was filed by the league to dismiss a lawsuit passed by 3,400 ex-players with their families, claiming that the league has been neglecting the responsibilities for those who are suffering concussions. We have the best .
In connection to this, a result of a certain study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),

comprising of 3,500 retirees that played for at least five seasons, has shown that 2014 NFL schedule players are prone to neurodegenerative diseases and three times more likely to die out of these diseases than the general population. Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are the most popular example of these neurodegenerative diseases.

To show that the league care, NFL has done a life saving act by allotting a large sum of money for a research to gain more knowledge about concussions or head injuries and how to treat them, or better yet avoid them. Partnering up with NIH, one of the foremost medical research institutes in the world, the league is hoping to make the nfl 2014 sport safer,

to preserve the players’ health, not only in the course of his career, but for the rest of his or her life, if the results of their research turned out positively. However, injuries are not situated in the head only. When football players retire, a lot of them suffer many medical conditions throughout their physical body for the rest of their lives. A similar research can also be done to address this matter. NFL 2014 Schedule

Furthermore, funding research in order that doctors as well as other medical practitioners can treat these problems regarding our athletes’ health is vital in helping them live a less problematic life. More info relate to the 2014 nfl draft see
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It is good to know that one of the sport’s biggest leagues in the world is helping their players, retired or not, and not only caring for what they can contribute to their pockets. nfl 2014 schedule Hopefully more research can be done not only to address head injuries, but also other conditions that affect our players. Moreover, this step may encourage many more leagues to donate a part of their profit for more research.

The research of the NIH funded by the NFL schedule 2014 is beneficial, not only to players of different sport, NFL 2014 Tickets but the population as a whole. Thus we highly support the league’s move, and hope for the best in their research. visit often NFL 2014 Schedule

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